How To Download And Save Images On A Chromebook

You can easily download and save images on your chromebook but it’s a bit different than what you may be used to on your older computer.

There are two different ways you can download images on your chromebook:

  1. Hover over the image you want to save and then tap on the touchpad with two fingers. This will open up a menu, select the Save Image As option.
  2. Or you can hover over the image you want, press down the alt button, and using a single finger tap on the touchpad. This will bring up a menu, select the Save Image As option.

The image will then be stored wherever you want to put it. Usually in just the default downloads folder.


How To Fix Your Chromebook If It Won’t Turn On

More users are reporting that their Chromebooks are not turning on or the screen stays black. For some the problem comes and goes but for others their machine just stays off all the time. If your Chromebook doesn’t turn on there is a few different problems that can be the cause.

This article will go through all the possible causes. I’ve arranged them in order from simplest to fix to most complex so that you can go through them one by one until your Chromebook turns on again.

So just try each fix and stop when your Chromebook turns on! Cheers!

Fix #1: Connect Your Chromebook To Power

Let’s start with a very simple solution that worked for one of my customers at my computer shop. Simply take your Chromebook, plug it into the wall power outlet, and try to turn it on.

If that doesn’t work no worries move onto Fix #2.

Fix #2: Power-Cycle Your Chromebook

  1. Unplug your Chromebook from power.
  2. Remove the battery is that is possible on your model of Chromebook (it isn’t on most Chromebooks)
  3. Press and Hold the power button for one whole minute.

Now try to turn on your Chromebook.

Fix #3: EC Reset Your Chromebook

Fix #4: Let Your Chromebook Charge For A Few Hours

If the Chromebook is very low on charge it may just need to charge. Let it sit plugged in and charging for around four hours. I suggest leaving it plugged in over night.

Try turning it on in the morning.

Fix #5: Disconnect Battery And Power-Cycle (Advanced)

Most Chromebook machines have a built in battery that is sealed inside. However most of the batteries are not that difficult to reach if you have a screwdriver and are careful.

Look up a disassembly video for your chromebook model on youtube and watch it to see where the battery is located.

  1. Unplug your chromebook.
  2. Open your chromebook to get to the battery.
  3. Disconnect the battery cable.
  4. Carefully move the chromebook so that you can reach the power button. Press and Hold the power button for one minute.
  5. Re-connect the battery cable. Make sure the connection is secure.
  6. Close up your chromebook. Plug it in.

Try turning it on now.


Here Is The REFRESH Key On A Chromebook

Where is that refresh key on chromebooks?!! Well it’s hiding in plain site!

Open up your Chromebook and take a look at the keyboard. Regardless of which Chromebook you have the top row of buttons should look something like this:

ESC      BUTTON1       BUTTON2       BUTTON3

On every Chromebook I’ve ever seen it is the forth button across on the top row that is the refresh button. And on most Chromebooks the button is even labeled with the twisted arrow icon that symbolizes the refresh function.

It looks like this:

refresh button chromebook google

It may also be called F3.


How To Use Chromebook Tracking

Chromebook Tracking is an extremely useful tool. Here is how you can use it to track your chromebook in case of theft or misplacement.

Every single Chromebook (as well as an phone or tablet powered by Google’s Android operating system) has the ability to be tracked.

This powerful ability allows you to find your chromebook if someone steals it or if you just forgot where you put it. But it is important to remember a few things about Chromebook Tracking:

  1. The Chromebook needs to be turned on in order for Chromebook Tracking to work. If someone turns it off then it can’t be tracked anymore.
  2. The tracking mechanism will be limited to just the general area it is in. Usually just the city it is in. And the Chromebook will need to be connected to WiFi.
  3. If someone turns off WiFi you will not be able to track your Chromebook.
  4. If someone wipes your Chromebook then you will not be able to track it.

Number 4 might be particularly aggravating if your chromebook has been stolen. You might be wondering why Google didn’t include a way to track Chromebook even when wiped.

Well what if you had purchased a used chromebook? Would you want the previous owner of the chromebook to be able to track where the machine is? Probably not.

Now here’s the bad news:

Unlike smartphones Google Chromebooks don’t have a GPS chip. Most of them also don’t have a 4G LTE data connection. Because of this the amount of data that you’re going to get from Chromebook tracking is smaller than what you would get tracking a smartphone.

But here is what you can use Chromebook tracking for:

  • Find out what city the chromebook is in.
  • Find out what cities it has been in recently.
  • Find out when it has been in those cities by date and time.

The link for this chromebook tracking information is here:

You will need to login to the same Google account you use to login to your chromebook.


How To Change Chromebook Login Password

Here is how to quickly change your Chromebook Login Password.

Since both your Google Account and your Chromebook use the same password you can quickly change it by going to your Google Account settings page here:

Scroll down the page to the category called Password & sign-in method. Click on Password.

You will be prompted to enter your current password to confirm that it’s you.

Then you will get to the Password Change screen. Enter your new password, then re-enter it again in the bottom box. Then click Change Password.

Log out of your Chromebook and then log back in using your new password.

And you’re done!


Google Adwords: “Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network”

I was trying to use the Google Adwords Keyword planner when I suddenly ran into a weird error message that said: “Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.”

It then said: “To continue, please type the characters below:” and there was a CAPTCHA and a box to enter the characters into to prove that I’m a human.

It looks like this:

google adwords keyword planner our systems have detected unusual traffic

I tried entering the text but every time I did so I was just given another one to enter. It just keeps going on forever.

Fortunately here is the solution:


  1. Open a new tab and go to
  2. Type in: “my ip address”
  3. A number should appear called “Your Public IP Address”
  4. Write this number down on a piece of paper.


Get a new IP Address. The process for doing this will be different depending on what company you get your internet connection from. But usually if you’re on something like cable you can try to unplug your modem for about an hour (or overnight if an hour doesn’t work) and then plug it back in.

You can then do the same thing you did in step one to check to see if you now have a different IP Address when compared to the old one you wrote down on your piece of paper.

If that doesn’t work then you can usually google search “How to change my ip address” and then the name of the company that provides you your internet.

If you’re on Rogers in Canada then I have an article here that explains who to change your IP Address there: 


Go back to the Google page you were trying to get to an you should now be allowed in.

If the problem reappears then I would suggest that you try disabling any strange toolbars or software on your computer in case it’s sending weird requests to google that is making it suspicious. 


How Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications FOR GOOD


turn off facebook live notification notifications

Here’s how to turn off those annoying facebook notifications that say “[Person] is live now”. God they’re annoying.

It seems like it’s a new feature that facebook is pushing to remain relevant with people. Well maybe sending a bunch of notifications isn’t the right way to do it.

So go on your computer and log into facebook. Or if you don’t have a computer handy log into facebook using the browser on your phone, the app itself can’t turn off notifications.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open your notifications.
  2. Go to the specific live notification and hover your mouse over it.
  3. A little X will pop up. Click on it.
  4. Facebook will ask “Turn off Notifications from…..?”
  5. Click on Turn Off

How To Fix Chromebook Netflix Error C7053-1803

If you’re receiving error C7053-1803 while using Netflix on your Chromebook then here is the solution.

Fix #1: Clear the cache

To clear the cache do this:

  1. Click on the chrome setting button in the browser in the top right corner (it looks like three horizontal lines).
  2. Click Tools and then Clear browsing Data.
  3. Specify that you want to clear information From the beginning of time.
  4. Make sure only Empty the Cache is selected.
  5. Click Clear Browsing Data.

Fix #2: Reset and power wash your chromebook

This step will completely wipe your chromebook so you need to backup all of your data first. Again: this will erase EVERYTHING and bring your chromebook back to the state it was when you bought it.

  1. Click on your account picture in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Settings. A window will appear.
  3. Click on Show Advanced Settings at the bottom.
  4. Find the “Powerwash” label and click Reset.
  5. In the window that opens click Restart.

How to fix no sound on Toshiba laptops

Here are a serious of easy steps to take if your Toshiba laptop isn’t making any sound. Recently quite a few Toshiba owners has said they were not hearing sound.

These fixes are listed from simplest to complex.

Fix #1: Make sure your sound isn’t muted

In the lower right of your screen next to where the clock is there should be a little icon of a speaker. You might need to expand that section of icons if you have a lot.

Double-click on the sound icon and check the settings to make sure that the volume is set to the highest level and that your speakers are not muted.

And just to get the simple solutions out of the way make sure you restart your laptop as well. Sometimes a simple restart fixes a lot of issues.

Fix #2: Check to see if headphones or other speakers work

Unplug your speakers and plug in some headphones or another set of speakers. If you get sound then the problem probably lies with your original speakers and not the Toshiba laptop

Fix #3: Update your sound driver

It’s also possible that your sound driver is missing or has been damaged in some way. In order to fix both potential issues you should download the latest sound driver for your laptop.

You can find the driver for your laptop here. Simply enter your laptop’s model number (which can be found on the bottom of your laptop) and download and install the latest sound driver.

Then restart your laptop.

Fix #4: Perform A System Restore 

The Windows System Restore utility can roll back your toshiba laptop to an earlier point of time to when your sound worked. If your sound problems are caused by software this has a good chance of solving them.

Instructions for performing a system restore:

Note: Make sure that you choose the instructions for a system restore and not a system reload. One will simply restore your computer’s files to an earlier point of time while keeping personal files. The other will wipe your system.


Cannot reinstall Chrome

If you’re having problems uninstalling or reinstalling Chrome then here is the fix.

Fix #1

Use the Chrome Cleanup Tool. This simply but powerful tool will allow you to not only remove leftover pieces of Chrome but will also remove any other problems that could be causing issues with Chrome.

You can download the tool from Google here:

Fix #2

Use Revo Uninstaller. This is software can search your computer and remove a program more thoroughly than the official Chrome uninstaller.

You can find Revo Uninstaller here:

NOTE: Don’t bother with the professional version. Just use the free regular version. It does the same thing.

Fix #3

To re-install Chrome when the official installer simply doesn’t work you can try the offline installer. This installer works a little differently than the official one and can get around certain problems:

You can download it from Google here: