How To Connect Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker SRS-X11

If you’re having trouble connecting to your new Sony Bluetooth Portable Speaker then you’re not alone. These speakers are designed to be easy to connect but sometimes they will refuse to “pair” with your phone or computer no matter what you do.

Fortunately it’s pretty easy to fix the connection/pairing issues. Simply go through the fixes listed below until the problem is solved:

Fix #1: Charge The Speaker Using AC/DC Adapter

The most likely problem causing connection problems is a lack of power in the speaker. Connect the speaker to power and charge it for a few hours.

Sometimes the USB charging is not enough and you’ll need to use an USB-to-AC/DC adapter to charge the speaker at a wall outlet. This is what worked for me personally.

Fix #2: Reset The Speaker

Follow the instructions in your manual to reset the speaker using the reset pin located on the back of the unit.


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