How To Fix “Spotify could not load tracks” Error

A lot of people are getting the same error when using the Spotify app. Fortunately it’s fixable in many cases and here is how to do it.

First of all the full error text is: “Spotify could not load tracks. These tracks are currently unavailable please try again later.”

Usually this error pops up when you try to add a song to playlist. It just won’t let you and instead bothers you with this error.

Here are a few fixes to try:

Fix #1: Connect To The Internet

Usually if you make sure that you have data or that you’re connected to Wifi the error will go away and you can add the song. So just enable your data or connect to WiFi and try to add the song again.

This will solve the problem for most people.

Fix #2: Delete And Re-Install The Spotify App

Delete the Spotify app from your phone and then go and download it again. This will clear any temporary files that might be messing things up.

Let me know if these fixes worked for you. Unfortunately Spotify seems to have acknowledged this problem isn’t always solved for 100% of users through the above fixes. They are working on a fix/update and I will update this article when they release the fix/update.


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