How To Fix Tinder “Error getting requested profile” error

If you’re browsing Tinder and you try to check out a person and get the message “Error Getting Requested Profile”.

Here’s why it happens and how you can fix it.

Fix #1: Sign Out and Sign Back In

The easiest fix is usually just signing out and then signing back into Tinder. This fixes whatever hiccup Tinder is having and it opens the profile right up.

Fix #2: The Bad News

Alright this isn’t really a fix. If Fix #1 doesn’t work then the problem is probably happening because of one of two reasons:

  1. They’ve deleted their Tinder account.
  2. They’ve blocked you.

If this is the case then there isn’t really anything you can do about. Best move on and try someone else.

One thought on “How To Fix Tinder “Error getting requested profile” error

  1. I can’t log into my tinder. I’ve Uninstalled then reinstalled and it still won’t let me

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