How To Fix Tangerine Bank Error: Sorry Due to Technical Difficulties We Can’t Process Your Request


Here’s how to fix that annoying Tangerine Bank ATM error: “Sorry, due to technical difficulties we can’t process your request right now. Please contact 1-888-464-3232 for assistance.”

The solution is pretty darn simple.

I had a new Tangerine account that I┬áhadn’t used for a few weeks and when I finally got around to trying to make a deposit I received the error that I quoted above. I must have returned to the Tangerine ATM for a week trying again and again assuming that there was some sort of temporary technical problem.

Then I realized how dumb I was being. It turns out that I was pressing “Savings Account” when actually I had a chequing account. I returned to the ATM and sure enough once I selected chequing account the machine operated just fine.

So if you’re getting the error try selecting the other account type. That will probably fix things for you.

(Tangerine: I know this is my fault for forgetting what kind of account I had but maybe you could change your systems to actually say: “Hey dumb dumb you don’t have a savings account, try chequing.”)

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