How To Check Amazon KDP Earnings On Your Android or iPhone (Mobile App)

If you’re selling your writing on Amazon you’re probably like me and check your earnings a gazzilion times a day. I’ve wondered if you could check your earnings and stats on your phone via an app and the good news is you can!

For Android:

If you own an Android smartphone (hint: if you don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry smartphone you’re probably running Android) then you can use the free Afterword app.

You can download from the Google Play Store here or you can just search for it in the Play Store app on your phone.

Here’s the description of the app:

Are you a Kindle author? Check your book sales data in seconds.¬†Use the refresh button to retrieve the latest sales reports from Amazon KDP. You can use the drop-down menu to see your books’ sales in a different country, or click on a book to see the sales for that book in all countries, all at once.

Now here’s a warning: this app doesn’t appear to have a lot of downloads and it for sure isn’t affiliated with Amazon. You take a bit of a risk giving them your amazon credentials when you log in using their app. So far the reviews look good but just be aware of the risk. As usual I am merely acting as an information service and take no responsibility for your use of any of the products I recommend.

For iPhone:

Unfortunately I am unaware of a similar app for iPhone. You’ll have to continue using Safari. If I find an app I’ll update this post. Check back soon!

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