Solution to iTunes Not Letting You Categorize Audiobooks

If you’ve downloaded an audiobook from somewhere other than the iTunes story and you’re trying to categorize it as an audiobook but iTunes is only showing you “Music” in the Media Kind settings here is the solution:

  1. Delete the audiobook from iTunes (make sure you have a copy somewhere first!)
  2. Next steps are time-sensitive. Do them as quickly as possible one after the other.
  3. Re-import your audiobook into iTunes
  4. IMMEDIATELY select all the tracks of your audiobook in iTunes and press Command-I
  5. In the window that opens go to the Options Tab
  6. In the Media Kind menu select Audiobook
  7. Press Okay

Explanation: iTunes has a bug where it misidentifies some of your audiobooks as music. This is likely due to iCloud sync. The solution is to import the audiobook files and immediately change the file type to audiobook before iTunes can scan the files and categorize them incorrectly.

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