How To Transfer and Download Pictures From An LG Dare Phone

A lot of people still have an LG Dare hanging around the house that has a lot of old pictures on it. Here’s how to get those pictures from the phone to your computer.

Method #1: Transfer Pictures to an SD Card

The LG Dare has a slot into which you can place an SD memory card. If you have a SD Card handy this is an easy way to get your pictures. If you don’t then just use Method #2.

  1. Insert SD Card into LG Dare.
  2. Tap on Menu on the main screen (the button with four dots in the centre)
  3. Tap on Media Centre
  4. Tap on Pictures and Video
  5. Tap on My Pictures
  6. Tap on Options (it’s in the bottom right corner of the screen and looks like three horizontal lines on top of each other)
  7. Tap on Move
  8. Select all of your images by tapping on them
  9. Tap Move
  10. Tap To Card
  11. Tap Yes when it asks you whether you want to “Move to Card and restore defaults”

Now they’re on your SD Card! All you have to do now is put that SD Card into your computer and transfer your pics. Or you can bring the SD Card into your local photo printing place and print your pictures right from the card.

Method #2: Transfer Using A USB Cable

You can also use a USB Cable to connect your phone to your computer in order to just drag and drop the photos. However the computer first needs special software called a “driver” in order to understand how to talk to the phone. (These are instructions for a Windows PC.)

  1. Download the LG Dare USB driver
  2. Install the driver
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Connect your LG Dare to the computer with the USB Cable
  5. Open a file explorer windows on your Windows computer (either by double-clicking Computer on the desktop or by clicking on the icon in your taskbar that looks like a folder and says “Windows Explorer” when you hover over it)
  6. If you’re running Windows 7 or above then in the left column of the Explorer window there will be an entry for “Computer”. Click on it to expand it.
  7. Your LG Phone should be listed. Click on it.
  8. And now just copy and paste the photo and video folders to your computer!

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