How To Fix the iPhone White Blotch/Blur In Top Left Or Right Corner

Are you getting a white blur when you unlock your iPhone or open and close some apps? I personally started to get this problem recently but it wasn’t difficult to find a fix. And it’s easy!

First here’s what it looks like:

photo iOS+7+white+blotch

That annoying white blur kept on appearing whenever I unlocked my iPhone and closed certain apps like the calculator app.

The Fix:

In my case all I had to do was move the Google Maps app from the second row of the home screen to the third row. And voila! The problem was gone.

I remembered that I had recently moved the Apple Maps app to my “Junk” folder (I don’t like Apple Maps yet) and I had placed the Google Maps app where the Apple one used to be: on the second row. Turns out the iPhone doesn’t like the Google Maps app being there for some reason.

When I moved the Google Maps app to the third row and second column on my iPhone the white blur stopped happening.

Why does this happen? I have no idea. But I’m glad that the fix is that simple.

Note: if you don’t have Google Maps then it may be another app/folder causing the problem. Move the apps you have on your second row somewhere else one by one. One of these should be the culprit.

Let me know in the comments below if this worked for you!

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