How To Change Your IP Address On Rogers

If you need to change your IP address on Rogers Internet this is how to do it.

You’ve probably discovered that it is difficult to find information on how to change your IP Address. For whatever reason Rogers doesn’t provide customers with an easy method to request a new IP. Customers are usually left to wait months and months for the central Rogers DHCP server (that hands out IP Addresses) to finally complete its cycle and grant a new address automatically.

Fortunately there is an easy way to change your IP.

The new Rogers modems that include both a modem and a router have two modes: router and bridged. Router mode will allow the modem to act as both a modem and a router (to send a wireless signal for instance). Bridged mode will restrict the modem to acting as just a modem (a device for connecting to the internet). It won’t send out a wireless signal and it won’t allow you to connect more than one computer through ethernet to the modem directly (you’ll need a separate router to do that).

To get a new IP address you need to go to your router’s administration settings page and change it from router mode to bridged mode. This forces the modem to request a new IP Address from Rogers.

The bad news? In bridged mode you won’t have WiFi or any of the normal router functions. This means you will need to buy a separate router in order to get those features back. Let’s be clear: By doing this you will lose your WiFi if you don’t have a separate WiFi router.

How To Get A New IP Address

  1. Go to your modem configuration page by entering in your browser address bar
  2. Click on the Administration tab
  3. Next to Working Mode change the setting to Bridged Only
  4. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page

Allow for about three minutes in order for the modem to reset and get its bearings. Then you’ll have a new IP Address!

Note: depending on your specific device the instructions might differ slightly. If you don’t have a modem/router combo device then you don’t have the bridged mode option.

To reverse back to Router Mode you will need to reset the modem by pressing the reset button on the back for fifteen seconds. However if you reset back to Router Mode you will likely get back the same IP Address you had before.

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