How To Remove and Uninstall Firefox Hello

With the newest version of Firefox being sent as an update to everyone you’ll notice a brand new icon at the top of your browser. This is for Firefox Hello, Mozilla’s competitor to Skype. While it’s nice that Mozilla is working on new projects that might turn out cool it’s not that great that they’ve forced everyone into adding the “Hello” program and icon to their Firefox browser without asking permission.

Here’s how to remove it:

  1. Click on the “Hamburger” icon (looks like three horizontal lines near the address bar)
  2. Click Customize.
  3. Now¬†drag the Firefox Hello icon to the “Additional Tools and Features” section

And bam! Your firefox is back to normal. No more annoying new software you never agreed to installing.

8 thoughts on “How To Remove and Uninstall Firefox Hello

  1. Thanks! I don’t use ‘firefox hello’ and likely never will, but the thing was causing problems. Thank you for helping me get rid of it.
  2. I did the above to remove the awful, annoying “Firefox Hello”, but it came right back. If Firefox keeps on installing stuff without permission, I will have to start using another web browser. Will also change if the “Hello” is not removed permanently.
  3. I have moved that icon again and again. But every time I open the browser, Hello is right back up there in the tool bar. That a couple others up there that I can’t find a way to get rid of. Driving me crazy.
  4. Patricia and Dee: The Hello icon did return once for me after another update but hiding it once more has kept it away for over a week now. Try hiding it again using the process in the article, I doubt Firefox will continue releasing more updates bringing the icon back.
  5. thank you but why the hell they don’ t ask people (ff users) if they want or NOT to install/use/activate or not,
    this kind of very specific ” tools” !!???

    Anybody who wants it, needs it or what ever, would install it, no ?

  6. My thought is that simply hiding the icon does NOT uninstall the app. I want to know how to UNINSTALL the app altogether. Like someone else said, if someone really wants something like this they will install it themselves. This thing just showing up like this looks more like some sort of malware than anything else.
  7. There are these annoyances, there are some potentially dangerous settings and options in about:config – depending on your web activities. However it may seem, just stop to think for a second how other browsers such as Chrome and the Internet Exploder do not offer any of this. They are closed-source (well, one of ’em is) & they are running background processes, operating system and file(s) and services integration… All, while keeping the users unaware. Technically, they could be doing ANYTHING, right now, even as you’re reading this.

    Firefox, on the other hand, you can configure. The options are there and they work… It’s become commercial bloat-ware, no doubt about it, they gotta make money somehow. Have some patience, I (still!) got nothing but love for this browser!..:)

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