How to Get Around the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun Paywall

Disclaimer: This information is provided for entertainment and informational purposes only. I am not recommending that people actually by-pass the paywall but I feel that this is important information to have available. Remember that if you enjoy reading the Sun/Star you should support them financially so that they can afford to continue creating content for you. As far as I can tell these methods are completely legal and involve blocking the Sun and Star websites from saving cookies to a user’s computer, something that all users have a right to block if they so choose.

Method #1: Use incognito/private browsing

If you just want a quick look at an article but have surpassed your available article views for the month simply open an incognito/private window and browse to the article.

Method #2: Block Cookies from the Sun/Star website

As far as I can tell the way the paywall from these newspapers operates is through remembering your browsing information by saving tiny files to your computer called cookies. Every single time you return to the newspaper website it checks the cookie files on your computer to see how many articles you’ve read so far.

In order to get around the paywall you can simply block the Star/Sun websites from saving cookies to your computer. By using this method each time the newspapers check for their cookie they won’t it and will assume that you haven’t read any articles yet. They will let you read as much as you want since they will always consider you to be reading your first article.

Blocking Cookies in the Chrome Browser:

  1. Click on the button with three horizontal lines on it. It’s right beside the address bar.
  2. Click on Settings in the menu
  3. Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings
  4. In the Privacy Section click the Content Settings button
  5. Under Cookies click on the Manage Exceptions button
  6. Add “[*.]” (no quotations) and set to Block
  7. Add “[*.]” (no quotations) and set to Block
  8. Click Done. And Done again.

Blocking Cookies in the Firefox Browser

  1. Browse to the website of the newspaper you want to read
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key (control on a MAC) and then click anywhere within the page
  3. In the menu that appears click on View Page Info
  4. In the window that appears click on the Permissions button
  5. Scroll down to “Set Cookies” and uncheck “Use Default”
  6. Click to select Block
  7. Close the Page Info Window

If the paywall is still up you might need to clear cookies. Do so and now you should have access to all articles.

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