Solution for Enter Your Administrator Password or Power on Password

When your computer tells you to “Enter Your Administrator Password or Power on Password” there are two different ways you can fix the problem:

Fix #1: Reset your BIOS by removing the CMOS battery

This fix makes the computer forget that it was asking you for a password. It’s much easier to carry out on a desktop computer than a laptop computer.

  1. Turn off your computer and unplug it. For laptops make sure you remove the battery as well.
  2. Open the computer and look inside to find the small silver CMOS battery. It’s about the size of a quarter.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. With the battery removed and the computer unplugged press and hold the power button for about twenty seconds. This will make sure there is absolutely no power left in your computer.
  5. If there is a jumper near the battery labeled something like “CMOS” then remove it, wait twenty seconds, then put it back the way it was.
  6. Put the CMOS battery back in. Close up your computer.
  7. Plug your computer back in and turn it on.

You might get a message telling you that your settings were reset. Just select “OK” or “continue”. The computer should now startup normally. Problem solved!

Fix #2: Reset the password using unofficial utility (WARNING!)

If you do not feel comfortable opening your computer to go searching for the CMOS battery (especially an issue with laptops) there is an unofficial utility floating around on the internet that will give you a “master” password to enter and unlock your computer.

WARNING: This utility is not made by HP. It’s not made by me. You use it at your own risk. I am simply linking you to the website for information purposes.

There is a blog called “Dogbert’s Blog” that has a program you can download for your desktop or laptop. This program will allow you to generate a master password in order to unlock your computer. You need to download the program onto a second computer since yours is locked. Go to Dogbert’s Blog, find your computer through serial number, download the proper program and follow the instructions.

Good luck! If anyone has other fixes please share them in the comments.

26 thoughts on “Solution for Enter Your Administrator Password or Power on Password

  1. I added a power-on password to lock-up my laptop in case a thief steal it. Sad to see that there is a way to go around it. I hope thieves are so dumb that they are not able to do this. Fuc* laptop thieves!
  2. I have a HP laptop and this message comes: Enter Administrator Password or Power on Password.
    How do I solve this Problem Please Help..
    My system code is: 52788617
  3. My 10 inch tablet won’t turn off unless it is power down. I tried to use the reset button and hold the powe button but nothing. However the power button never work properly for me.
    Is there another way to power off without draining the battery? And when the batter is running low I try to plug in the charger. And I get a message saying charger us not supported. It’s the charger that came with the tablet. How do I get theses issues fixed.
  4. I have HP 15ac 042 tu and asking Enter your Administrator or power on password, please help me. System Disabled 76185600
  5. My Compaq presario CQ58 its demanding for the administrator or power on password please help
  6. I have a hp650 notebook laptop and this message comes:enter administator password or power on password. How do I solve this problem please help me.system disabled 76228436
  7. I’m having the same issue enter administrator password or power on password. Disable code shows 68253840. I tried taking it apart to look for the cmos thing but its very difficult to take apart.. Can anyone help
  8. My laptop also shows the same situation:Enter administrator password or power on password ..i dnt knw how can i solve this problem any one with help?
  9. hp 2000 laptop. was my sons and i do not i do not want to loose any stored pics he is no longer available to provide us the administrator password
  10. Sir ,
    Plz help me i have a hp laptop i forgotten
    Administrator password or power on Password if i enter three time wrong password then show this – system Disabled [ 50134909] plz help me sir. ..
  11. HP 650
    Help guys
    Enter Administrator or power on password
    (50959235) System Disabled
    What can I do?
  12. To get bios admin password, follow these free and easy simple steps :

    1. Go to

    2. Follow the indications (= enter your Service Tag and type…”Enter”. Yes simple)

    3. Here you go

    It worked for me for a Dell laptop
    Please post this solution on other forums related questions thanks

  13. My laptop also shows the same situation:Enter administrator password or power on password ..i dnt knw how can i solve this problem any one with help?
    My laptop windows7 professional
  14. I traded my Xbox 360 for a Compaq presario c56 and now I don’t have the password to get in the laptop. System disabled 57614757.
  15. Thanks, it worked. But I’m still going to setup the password. Just in case a dump fool steal it, LMAO.

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