How to Convert Video for iPod Touch and iPhone

If you have a video in a format that will not play on your iPod Touch or iPhone simply follow these instruction to convert it to a format that your iPod or iPhone will understand:

1. Download and Install Handbrake

Handbrake is free for anyone to download from their website. Click here to download it. Once it has downloaded install it on your Mac.

2. Open Handbrake

3. Click Source

4. Find and Select your Video. Click Open

5. Click iPhone and iPod Touch on the Preset Menu.

If you don’t see a preset menu click on Toggle Presets.

6. Change the Destination Folder to wherever you want. This is where your video will end up.

7. Click Add to Queue

8. Click Start.

Once the process is completed (it’ll take at least a few minutes) the converted video will be in your Destination folder.

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