Headphone Jack / Earphones not Working on iPod Touch

There are several things that can cause your headphone jack to suddenly stop working. The problem can be software or hardware based. It can exist because of an earbud issue or a iPod issue. Let’s run through the different scenarios and take a look at some fixes for you to try:

Solution #1: Turn your iPod Off and then On again

Sometimes the iPod just needs to be turned off and on in order to work properly again. If this is the case then just press and hold the power button on the iPod, wait for it to turn off, wait ten seconds and turn it back on.

Solution #2: Try a different set of earphones

Before we move onto more complex fixes we should really try to figure out whether the problem is because of the earphones or because of the iPod. Fortunately there is a very simple way to figure this out: borrow a pair of headphones from someone and plug them into your iPod. If the problem you’re having disappears (and you can hear music properly) then you just need to buy a new set of earphones, but if the problem persists then your iPod is the culprit and we’ll have to move onto the next troubleshooting step.

Solution #3: Reset your iPod

Now that we’ve determined that the iPod is the cause of the problem we have to figure out whether the cause is software or hardware based. The simplest way to do this is by resetting the iPod back to factory defaults. This will erase the settings on your iPod and bring the player back to how it was when you first purchased it.

The instructions for restoring an iPod touch can be found on the Apple website: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1414

If you still have the problem even after resetting the Ipod then move onto the next step.

Solution #4: Tighten the headphone jack (Advanced)

(The last two solutions require somewhat advanced technical knowledge and can result in a broken iPod. Only go forward if you know what you’re doing.)

Plug in your headphones and play a song. Press down on the iPod touch surface just above where the headphone jack is and a little higher. If you hear music start playing when you press down then chances are that your headphone jack is loose. To fix this you’ll have to open up your iPod touch and tighten the two screws that hold the jack in place.

This youtube video shows the procedure:

Solution #5: Replace the headphone jack (Advanced)

(The last two solutions require somewhat advanced technical knowledge and can result in a broken iPod. Only go forward if you know what you’re doing.)

If the above didn’t work then you’ll most likely have to replace the headphone jack itself. This will require that you know how to de-solder/solder. You will also need to purchase a replacement headphone jack to place into your iPod touch.

The following two youtube videos will show you how to do this:

Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Headphone Jack / Earphones not Working on iPod Touch

  1. Try cleaning the headphone port gently with a pin or compressed air. I had lint in the port that prevented a good connection.
  2. i tried solution 4 and it worked! it broke this afternoon and got it fixed in seconds!! thank you!
  3. Solution #4: Tighten the headphone jack (Advanced). Worked for me. In my case >loosening< the screws is what worked. Go Figure. With the device running, and buds jacked in, I tightened the screws. Worked a bit better, but would still go on and of on one channel. I thought to loosen both screws and re-tighten and ,suddenly, good sound on both channels! Wiggling the cable no longer causes problems. I opened the device using a popsicle stick and a chop stick that I had filed down to chisle tips.
  4. I dropped mine in water it sounds all scratchy any fix for that I don’t wanna buy anything
  5. My ipod touch 3rd generation’s port possibly needs tightening or replacement, Both which I cant do due to lack of required instruments and time because I have to go Overseas Tomorrow morning.

    For a temporary fix I placed Aluminium foil around the base my Earphone male part, sort of like putting a ring on your finger, and that works, except sometimes there may be a slight reduction in Music quality so you have to turn the male piece around.

    Thanks for the tutorials, Ill be sure to use them when I get to my destination.

  6. My iPod jack is messed up can a bigger jack fix the problem or do I have to tear the iPod apart?
  7. I cant get my ipod open… pretty sure i have opened all the clips, but the screen just wont come off. Also, im using small flat head screwdrivers. Is that ok?
  8. My problem was easily solved by the most simple solution, A.K.A Ol’ Reliable. Turning it off then on!

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