What is error code 0x8007045D?

A user writes that they are running into a strange error with their computer. They are trying to transfer files to an external hard drive when Windows throws up error codeĀ 0x8007045D.

This error code usually means that there is file corruption on your computers hard drive. Fortunately the problem is easy resolved by running a program called CHKDSK. It is included on every Windows computer free of charge.

To run the program open your “Computer” or “My Computer” folder. Right Click on the icon for the C drive. Click properties on the menu that opens. A Window will then pop-up. Click on the Tools tab. Then click on Check Now. Let the program run.

Hopefully that solves your problem.

One thought on “What is error code 0x8007045D?

  1. I am trying to reformat a flash drive but get error code 0x8007045D. The application that seems to be holding things up is good synk2. How can I reformat this flash drive/

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