Comstar Technical Support


Looking for Comstar Technical Support? Perhaps because your external hard drive has bit the bullet? You can contact Comstar through the following ways:


Technical Support (Canada – English): 1-800-255-8048

Technical Support (Canada – French): 1-800-541-2799

Technical Support (U.S.A): (626) 810-2833

Unfortunately their website is very sparse and it might be best to simply return to where you bought your Comstar product if you encounter any problems.

One thought on “Comstar Technical Support

  1. I just purchased a retail plus DVD+/-RW ultra slim external disc drive for my laptop computer. I did the downloads , and I can see the device, but nothing will play. I am running Windows 10, although the box says compatible for Windows 8.
    I did the Windows 10 upgrade but it didn’t help.
    Thanks for looking into this matter.


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