How to Unlock an “OSD Lockout” Problem

This has most likely annoyed many of you at some point. You turn on your monitor one day and see a jeering message telling you something about an “OSD Lockout”. It doesn’t allow you to change any of your monitors settings, including the setting intended to turn off this message. While I’ve only seen this error on HP monitors I know that others have encountered it on other brands as well. The fixes I provide should work on those monitors too. (Note: OSD stands for On Screen Display.)

Fix One:

Plug in the monitor and power it up. Hold down the Power button until you get a message saying “OSD Unlocked”. If the problem persists after OSD is unlocked then unplug the monitor from the wall, wait 20 seconds and try again.

Fix Two:

Turn on the monitor and hold down the Menu button for 10-20 seconds. This should unlock the OSD.

Fix Three:

Turn off the monitor, press down the Menu button and then turn on the monitor. Wait 10-20 seconds. This should unlock the OSD.

Fix Four:

The Menu button may be stuck in a pressed in position. To get it “unstuck” you’ll usually need to open up the monitor. This could be tricky unless you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately there are too many models of monitor for me to provide detailed instructions. If you have warranty this is where you want to contact the manufacturer.

If you know of any other fixes feel free to contact me. Good luck!

157 thoughts on “How to Unlock an “OSD Lockout” Problem

  1. I have an HP L2245wg. I purchased it from a computer junk shop, on the understanding that it did not work correctly, and whether I could fix it or not, that was my problem. The monitor “works”, it displays an image perfectly, but the controls are dead, mostly. I use a DVI connection so resolution etc is automatically taken care of. Pushing buttons, however, doesn’t do anything, at least until a few minutes ago.

    I popped the case, and physically the board the switches are mounted on appears OK. There are no signs of damage inside the unit. The wiring all appears intact. Upon reassembly the problem was not fixed. I attempted all the repairs recommended here, and some permutations of them, no success. However, a few minutes ago I was playing a computer game and was idly tapping one of the buttons, and the menu popped up. After a few seconds it went away. I have pushed all the buttons, carefully, at different speeds, with different pressures and on different parts etc etc. I have managed to get the menu up once again over about three or four minutes of button-pushing. After a few seconds the menus disappears again. To clarify, none of the physical buttons on the device work, at all.

    Any suggestions? Is there some electronic voodoo I could try or do I just accept the device is frozen at its current settings?


  2. Ah, addendum to last… The menus occasionally opens up on its own, and randomly scrolls around, very slowly, then closes after a few seconds.
  3. My CTX X961A LCD monitor stays off as a black screen with the power button green LED lit, and the Windows desktop only stays on a few seconds if the power button is pressed on/off. It also shows “Attention OSD Locked” if the menu button is pressed. I’ve tried all of the recommended fixes but nothing works. I’ve checked cables and tried different computers, and all with the same result. Any further ideas or shall I open it up and see if I can mod it?
  4. My HCL Monitor is not getting osd unlocked by any of the fixes displayed above, what should i do, help please! It is very much urgent!
  5. I have a LG flatron model W2361VG and I had the ocd lockout problem. I did as suggested and pressed the menu button and it went away but a different engine menu comes up. The engine menu would flicker between the different options. I clicked on a big x that was on the menu and the engine menu went away. Hopefully it will stay “fixed”. Thanks for your assistance. Without your suggestion I woulld have probably bought a new monitor.

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