How to Fix the Sony C:13:01 Error

I am Madhu, I have sony cybershot digital camera model T7 and currently I am getting error C:13:01 error.I have changed memory stick however still I am getting the same. Please let me know what all are the options I need to try to fix the problem. appreciate your quick response.

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From what I know of this error it seems to occur because of a bad connection between the contacts of the memory card and of the camera. Because of this the fixes that I provide attempt to fix a possible contact issue. I recommend that you try the card in a memory card reader (you can buy one for very cheap) before attempting the fix in order to get your pictures off first.

Fix One:

Find yourself a pencil with an eraser at the end. Take the memory stick and rub the gold contacts gently with the eraser. Do this for 20-30 seconds until you’ve covered the entire surface of the contacts. Then insert the card into the camera, switch to “setup” mode and turn the camera on. This should turn off the error message.

The person I heard this fix from recommends you then format the card using the cameras format command.

Fix Two:

We will try to make sure that there is a proper connection between the contacts on the memory card and the camera. To do this remove and insert the memory stick several times over. Some recommend 5, 10, and even 20 times. The point is to get that card to align properly.

Fix Three:

Try to wiggle the card until the error disappears. This should restore contact.

Fix Four:

There are tabs on some cameras that guide the card into the slot. Bend these just the slightest bit towards each other in order to get the card to fit firmly into the slot. Be careful with this step in order to avoid breaking or otherwise damaging the tabs.

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50 thoughts on “How to Fix the Sony C:13:01 Error

  1. Yes, with the pencil eraser idea, do you leave the pencil eraser shavings on the memory stick and insert it or blow them off then insert it?
  2. I tried the first fix several times but it din work out . . . I tried the second one. . . . i got it done in my third try inself. .. . .You owe me handsome bucks . . .
  3. Error C:13:01 on my Memory Stick PRO DUO 8GB, for my Sony T300. Downloaded and ran “PC Inspector Smart Recovery” its a FREEWARE!!!. It is slow but works for free. It recovered all my photos and movies from the memory. This memory was purchased from EBAY, from china… So looks like its not really 8GB, so highly recommend to back-up photos consistently if going to use this kind of memory. I will nenver buy generic/fake memory again, learned my lesson the hard way. Hope this helps!
  4. For me I don’t think it’s my camera, I’m sure it’s my memory stick. Does all this stuff still apply for me??
  5. During a recent holiday in Alaska, my Sony T77 Cybershot refused my attempts at more photos and shows “error formatting memory stick”.
    This sudenly happened, I did not move the memory stick, drop the camera or whatever.
    Camera is 12 mths old.
    Do not want to lose photos. will not download onto my PC via USB.
    About 160 photos at stake from hols of a lifetime.
  6. I fixed the problem by taking a very small flat head screw driver and holding the slot upside down, carefully inserting the screwdriver into the slot all the way several times going back and forth. I noticed a very small string fall out. I re-inserted the memory card and it worked!
  7. actually yoou just have to reformat your camera. to do this; put the dial to setup. find the format choice on the menu and click it. it will take 5-15 seconds and our camera will work fine. No screw- drivers or pencils necessary.
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  9. my DSC-T7 and i have a C:13:01 error. Thanks to Romeo for giving the Artsybelle Blogspot link. one of her fixes worked for me. that is the “Turning off the camera first and then sliding the memory card up the slot to the max until there is no room left to push, and then just hold the memory card up like that and then turn ON the camera, when its turned on slowly let go of the memory card until you here that clicking sound. and after doing that the c;13;01 error was gone. I also blew the memory card slot multiple times before doing her advice.
  10. I have Sony dsc w120 and it was suffering from same C:13:01 Error, i just reinsert memory stick in camera rapidly 10 to 15 time and error disappear,its working fine now
  11. I haven’t got a pencil eraser, so I cleaned the contacts with a cotton bud (Q Tip in American?) moistened with the tiniest drop of denatured alcohol (for cleaning DVDs).
    The error message was still flashing, so I reformatted the card, switched the camera off and on and ta-daaa! Sorted.

    YOU TOTALLY ROCK – thank you.

  12. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W350. the C:13:01 error keeps disturbing me even after trying your tricks. Te error vanishes for a while and then again pops up. PLEASE HELLPP!!!…..Thank You!!
  13. a comment was made earlier in this string about using the pc inspector smart recovery to fix the error c:13:01 and retreive my photos and videos. I downloaded the software but it is not picking up my memory card reader in the slot of my computer. How do i get the software to pick up my memory card
  14. also applying to the first commemt i wrote. is it recommended to reformat the memory card in order for the software access the menory card to reterive the data
  15. Upon close inspection of the memory stick, I see that it actually goes into the slot farther than the spring loaded mechanism clips it. You push it in farther to click it into place, then also to click it to spring out. I placed a paper wad on the end of the stick, closed the lid on it, so it is pushed down that extra 1/16th inch, and now it works perfectly again ! This was after buying a new stick that produced the same error (it obviously did not need cleaning being brand new). I think the points inside where they can’t be reached must be dirty, and the extra little bit gets the stick down to cleaner metal. So this may not be a permanent fix. Question: how to clean the internal points?
  16. Tried all 4, didn’t work at first. Just kept moving the card around, re-inserting it, etc. After 10 minutes it was up and running. Thanks for the tips!
  17. I tried all these in my Sony DSC-P200 and it made no difference. I tried numerous memory sticks and all gave the same result. I ended up taking the camera apart and wiggling/pushing in further the ribbon cable connectors. Put it back together and it works perfectly again. I presume one of these had worked loose.
    There’s a guide to opening this particular camera here…
  18. Thanks I tried this with my DSC-S90 and it worked for me also. I pushed the memory stick in pretty hard repeatedly, maybe 10 times (don’t take it out in between jabs). I tried everything else and this worked.
  19. I had the same problem with a sony dsc s90 camera. Tried many fixes and none worked. Finally took front and back off camera and found a looseflat wire coonection that fit down in a slot that looked like it had a small battery soldered to it. It slid out of the slot when I lifted up on the flat plastic cable and then i reinserted it and it fit snug. When I put the camera back together and restarted the camera it was reset as if it came from the factory asking for day, date and time. The error code was gone. I assume when i unplugged and/ or reinserted this loose connection it reset the camera. Wasn’t hard to remove front and back(four small screws and unclip the lens cover (turn left about 1/2 inch and it unsnaps. Hope this helps someone cannot get any other fix to work. I tried format the memory stick on my computer, the camera, cleaned all exterior connections, etc. This was the only solution for me.
  20. I have the same problem. Model Sony DSC-P10. My old card Memory Stick PRO 128MB doesnt store any pictures. I couldnt finde new Memory stick, so I bought new Memory Stick PRO Duo and (old, used) Memory Stick Duo Adaptor (MSAC-M2). After turning camera ON, erorr”c 13:01″ appears.
    Format via “set up menu” in camera is not possible.
    Inserting and removing card as fast as possible – doesnt work.
    I tried clean the gold contacts (but not with eraser trick – not yet).
    Probably I could finde a SONY store and ask for solution.

    But I tried insert new (a liitle smaller) Memory Stick PRO Duo into the camera without adaptor and it works! On the memory card I paste little piece of tape for later removing and for the good inserting I used old (broken) card or adaptor.
    As I said…it isnt best solution but it works.

  21. I own a SONY Cybershot.
    I admit I dropped it after which I got this msg to ‘reinsert the memory card’. Then I opened the hatch to reinsert and found it in the popped out position. I tried reinserting it many times. The fixes I found o/l were to reformat it. When I click on the format in the cam menu, it seems like nothing happens. Then I try to do it on the computer which they say is unsafe – and it says it couldn’t complete the format.
    But I think the problem has something to do with it being dropped. What could possibly have happened? Any ideas how I can fix it? I try reinserting it & tried most of the ways given here. But noone really dropped the cam like I did. So can you think of what could have happened? Please help. And Thanks a ton in advance.
  22. I have a Sony DSC-W550 photographer device. C:13:01 is not a serious problem. This error is because the device use the FAT32 file system instead NTFS. Put the card into DSC-W550, go in to menu and format it.
  23. Thanks romeo your link is so help full. I have just format my memory card and it is done thanks again and i was really suffering with this problem from last 6 month and finally i have fix it.

    My opinion to every one first format your card and make sure don’t bend it otherwise it could break.

  24. I have a DCR-SX45E
    it shows me c:13:01 and it always shows reinsert memory card but i brought new memory card but it shows again,
    i tryed all steps but failed
    plz help me plz
    is it a software poblem or hardware problem
  25. SORTED!!! I experienced the same problem with my Sony T7 a day ago, and my Sunday morning research led me to this web-page and I got the idea that it is a problem with the surface of the golden contacts’ connection inside the camera after my attempt to try with a different memory card failed. HERE IS THE SIMPLEST SOLUTION;

    Take out the memory card and also remove the battery. Now, blow into the battery compartment as strongly as you can. Then give another strong wind into the camera from the empty memory card compartment. It should be sorted! Place the battery and the card back in and have a try. The idea is to remove any obstacles (such as dust) from the surface of the contacts’ connection points inside the camera, as simple as that!

  26. My TX doesn’t seem to like it when I reformat on my comp.
    I get this error until remove the battery from the unit for 30 sec (seemingly)
  27. my sony cybershot is showing error formatting memory card(C:13:01)..i have my holiday photos in that. hpw to recover it. please help me
  28. I have a sony cybershoot dsc w350 ,it,s showing formating error . after formating showing reinsert memory card . please tell me solution , i am worry about it ..
  29. In my HX5v the contacts in the slot got bent, one badly enough that it no longer made contact.
    I bought a Sony type Duo card that has contacts on the other side and those pins still worked and now I am good to go again.
  30. I have Sony xr260 be handy cam. I am getting error code c:13:01… Even I have not inserted any memory card in card sloat … If I do insert a memory card in sloat;the error disappeared. What should I do? IS it a battery problem due to low amp?
  31. I solved my problem of my DSC T7, as follows:

    1 – Remove the battery (very important this step)
    2 – remove the memory card
    3 – blowing inside the memory card with a blower air (or compressed air)
    4 – soak a cotton swab with alcohol
    5 – rub the metal connectors of the card with the swab (scrub fine)
    6 – drip alcohol at all connectors on the memory card
    7 – immediately following (for alcohol does not dry), insert the card in the camera and repeatedly push and let out several times card (no take out). I did 30 times.
    8 – remove the card
    9 – blowing strongly and several times with the blower air (or compressed air)
    10 – wait a bit until the alcohol to dry completely (about five minutes)
    11 – back to blow the blower
    12 – insert the battery
    13 – insert the memory card
    14 – connecting the camera

    the problem should have been resolved.

    The purpose of this process is to clean the camera connectors, using for this purpose the memory card itself.

  32. grip tightly with any solution tape to intact the circuit of card. problem should be solved by doing so.
  33. Since some months ago I’ve started to get this problem. It began after put my camera in too many differents situations like cold, snow, sand, dust, mud, high moisture… I think neither Sony knows how resistant this camera is :) and I understand the possibility of having that kind of problems therefore I tryed all the recomendations given here but the problem was still appearing too many times.

    Finally by modifying one setting I’ve found the way to workaround the problem: You should go to Home button -> move right to Settings -> move down to Shooting Settings -> and change Auto Review from on to off.

    After change it, the photo is done but later is not show directly (the camera not need to read the photo after been done and possibly this avoid the problem), instead we need to press the button to see the photos. This sometimes is a bit annoying but it is better that couldn’t take a photo.

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