How to Fix Liquid/Water Damage to a Laptop

I dumped wine all over my laptop, any suggestions? Its been sitting for a few days already.

Ouch! The first thing you want to do (and I hope that you’ve done this already) is to unplug the laptop from any power source including the power cord and the battery. Remove both of those immediately.

When water or any any liquid seeps into electronics that greatest danger comes from it’s internals shorting out. This doesn’t just go for laptops but for cell phones, mp3 players and anything else that has a chip in it.

Now I’m nervous to hear that it’s wine but what I would recommend you do is, as soon as you’ve taken away the power, let the electronic device sit there for a few days and led the liquid evaporate away. After a few days open up the device and see if there are any more droplets of liquid, if not give it a few more days and only then try plugging it back in.

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One thought on “How to Fix Liquid/Water Damage to a Laptop

  1. That’ll probably work if its just water, I’m not too sure about wine. Liquid damage is one of the worst things. Its best to keep liquids well away.

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