Microsoft OneCare Phone Number and Contact Information

This is one that a lot of people have asked for. It looks like Microsoft is very cautious about giving out the OneCare tech support number, rather opting to make you jump through a variety of “online help” tutorials.

You can contact OneCare support here:


Help Site:


Phone: 1-866-ONECARE (1866-663-2273)

If anyone has any email addresses send them to me and I’ll add them to this page.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft OneCare Phone Number and Contact Information

  1. I can barely express the anger I feel toward Microsoft and their lousy, poorly supported Live One Care security system!
    If you want to spend hours chasing your own tail through a labrynth of unsatisfying and ineffective written advice and directions about solving, what should be, the simplest operational, just buy, or subscribe to Live One Care.
    Most of the time time One Care will not update, becaue the update facility is unavailable; yet red flags and ominous warnings persist concerning the harm you may suffer if you don’t update.
    In the end it’s frequently to uninstall then re-install the program to get it to update…….then…..just try to get the program to recognize that you’re an appropriately registered owner of One Care.
  2. How did you learn about this? I have been trying to find this information for days. Thanks again.

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