Looking for Acer drivers? Find them here.

Looking for drivers for your  Acer notebook/desktop? Finding them hard to find? Unfortunately the official Acer sites are not very forthcoming with drivers for every unit especially if the unit is a few years older.

Fortunately there is always a second option if you look hard enough. The Acer Europe site hosts a FTP server that has the Vista and XP drivers for a variety of notebooks and desktops. Following are the links.

Drivers for Acer notebooks:


Drivers for Acer desktops:


Acer proprietary software:


Thanks goes to Christopher for the great tip! Note that there are many other folders filled with BIOS flashers and drivers for devices such as bluetooth devices and manuals for cameras. Unfortunately all Acer units are not here. Does anyone have the link to another FTP or site with those drivers? Feel free to contact me and I’ll put it up.

Hope this helps you guys. What sites do you use when you’re looking for drivers? Let me know.

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