200 Ways to Revive a Hard Drive and Recover your Data

The following post is completely taken from an article entitled “200 Ways to Revive a Hard Drive.” It appears that it is made up of Tech Rupublic users’ tips on how to get data off a failing hard drive. I found this document on a disc called “Tech Tools” and I reproduce here for all you guys to enjoy.

If you have a dead or failing hard drive these tips can get it back up and running temporarily so that you can get your data back. However read the disclaimer before trying any of these tips.


These tips were not made by theFakeGeek.com or any person associated with the site. They are reproduced here on the site in the belief that it was the authors intent that the document is in the public domain. The methods and recommendations contianed in this post do NOT belong to theFakeGeek.com and are not being recommended. The information is made available for intellectual and theoretical use only. theFakeGeek.com and it’s agents and people associated with the site are not responsible for any results of following the methods outlined in the below file. The file below is hosted by the site for educational purposes only and the understanding that it is public domain.

By downloading the PDF listed below I understand and understand the above disclaimer and hereby state that theFakeGeek is not responsible for any damage caused by this information.


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