Question: How do I remove System Error Fixer off my pc?

Cathy writes:

How can I get System Error Fixer OFF my pc? I’m not really Great at working on here, but RRunner said I needed to get it Off. When I went where they told me it was just to hard for me to even Try. Can U Help Me?

The link to the forums.

A quick fix is just to delete the files and processes that the spyware uses. If your only goal is to remove the “System Error Fixer” malware then just run the automated removal tool that you can download here.


  1. Boot into Safe Mode for best results (although you don’t have to.)
  2. Open the compressed folder and run the program.
  3. Reboot the computer.

Of course if you’re infected by one type of malware you may be infected by other types (and viruses as well.) The best choice in this situation is to run an antispyware utility like Spybot Search and Destroy or SuperAntiSpyware.

Having other problems with your computer? Simply scan your computer for free to identify problem areas. Click here to start a free scan.

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