Acer Keyboard and Touchpad Problem. They don’t Work.

Problem: An Acer laptop is seemingly frozen but when you plug in an external USB keyboard and mouse the laptop works. It’s just the built-in touchpad and keyboard that don’t work or respond.

Fix: Remove the laptop’s battery.


Fix the the issue by turning off the laptop and removing the battery. Then turn on the laptop and you will see that the touchpad and keyboard are no longer frozen and now work.

How to explain this problem to the client: Good customer, it would appear that the battery you have is defective and needs to be replaced. It is causing a short in the system and is causing the keyboard and touchpad to not respond.

Good luck and tell me how it goes on the forums.

2 thoughts on “Acer Keyboard and Touchpad Problem. They don’t Work.

  1. a have acer aspire 7535G.i usewin 7.the problem is that my touchpad scrolling don’t work.Can you help me?sorry for my english:)

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