Tweak Name: Reset HP Recovery Disc Creation

File Type: Batch File

Download: HPRecoveryDiscs.bat

As anybody who has ever worked on a plethora of HP computers (and needed to set them up for clients) knows HP only allows for the creation of one set of Recovery Discs per computer. This means that if you’ve lost yours or if they became damaged you’re pretty much screwed.

Well until now.

This tweak has been on the net (whispered) for some time but I give it to you in the form of a handy batch file. What this file will do is delete the following two files:

  • c:\windows\sminst\hpcd.sys
  • d:\hpcd.sys

What that will do is reset the counter that HP computers use to track Recovery Disc creation. You’ll be able to create recovery discs over and over again. Awesome right?

So either just delete those files yourself or download the included batch file (right click> Save As) and get ready to burn!

update (20/05/2009): Some commentors are saying that the tweak no longer works and instead asks for the location of the recovery images. I’m assuming that HP caught onto this little trick and updated their software. I’ll try it myself next time I’m at work and I’ll let you guys know what I find.