Sympatico WiFi Router isn’t working

Question: I just got Bell Sympatico DSL internet and they gave me a modem/router combo. My problem is that when I try to use wireless it just won’t work. The internet works on my laptop when I use the cable but it doesn’t work with the wifi. I called Gateway (who made my laptop) and they told me that I needed to update my wifi card drivers. They said I had to open up my laptop to find out what adapter I have. But there are warranty stickers on the laptop and if I open the unit the warranty is void. What do I do!?! (PS the wifi works with the router in a nearby electronics store.)

First things first: Do not open the laptop! You will void your warranty and that just wouldn’t do.

I don’t know why Gateway would tell you to open the thing up to find out what type of WiFi adapter you have. They should have that information on file. Someone in Gateway’s technical support probably needs some retraining…..

Now if your laptop’s internet works when it you plug it into the modem/router then we can rule out the following:

  • Firewall blocking internet ports
  • Disconnected cables
  • Something wrong on Sympatico’s end.

You say that the WiFi works at the electronics store? That means that it is connecting and the WiFi card is just fine and dandy. From here there are two likely reasons for this problem:

  1. Problem: The wireless radio on the Sympatico Router is turned off and not broadcasting. Solution: Turn on the radio. What you’ll need to do is go into the configuration page for the router. You’ll need the router’s IP address (it’ll be something like, the manual that came with the router should have the exact number) and look for a setting called Wireless Radio. Click the option On.
  2. Problem: Your laptop’s WiFi adapter doesn’t support the security your using on the router. Solution: Run Windows Update on the computer and download any WiFi drivers it may come up with. It could just be that the old driver doesn’t support WPA encryption.

Thanks for asking!

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  1. I suspect that this user is talking about the new, white-colored “2WIRE ” Sympatco modem/router/WAP.

    I had the same exact problem with my Dell laptop. Got latest wireless driver, used all kinds of encryption codes, tried all levels of wifi security (with and without broadcasting SSID) and I got was:
    1. Complete failure to connect
    2. Occasional connection with a very slow internet access
    3. Even when it does connect, it loses connection within seconds

    As he suggested, using ethernet works perfectly fine. Moreover, my “PC” works just as fine as well.

    The Solution: simple, make sure all your settings are correct/matching between your router and your wireless devices. After that, RESTART THE ROUTER.

    (the option to restart is found under the first main tab “Home Network Modem” and sub-tab “Details”)

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