Monitoring Temperature on a MacBook

I’m thinking about downloading iStat for my MacBook Pro so that I can keep a eye on things but ive read that the temp and fan monitor gauge doesn’t work with macbooks is this true? Also I wanted to know if iStat sucks your computer’s processing power and make it run slow, if it does can you recommend any other monitoring software? Thanks, Neil

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I’ve tried out iStat in the past and it’s worked fine on the iMac that I use. It also works fine on a G4. I haven’t tried it yet on a MacBook so I can’t guarantee that it’ll work completely. Some users have been complaining that it doesn’t display the temperature correctly. I’ll test iStat out on a MacBook and I’ll get back to you on that.

As far as usability goes iStat works fairly fine. It has a nice interface (as every Mac app does) and gives you the information you need with simplicity.

Another program that I’d recommend is called MenuMeters it does the same thing as iStat but has a different interface, I haven’t used it but people who have highly recommend it. It’s not a widget but you can put it up in your menu bar. Give it a shot as well.

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  1. hi no probs with macbook but i havnt installed either istat or menumeter as im waiting to hear what you have to say first only bought it a few days ago and love it beats pc hands down no competetion

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