I didn’t get a Vista disc with my new PC!

I just brought a new laptop stuff like Office Student and Teacher Edition (Word, Excel,etc..) My problem is Future Shop didn’t give back my vista dics! I payed for it why didnt i get it! Please help!

Hi there

Most computers these days (especially the ones you buy at a large retail store) do not come with the Windows OS discs. They havn’t come with those for a while now. Now I’m not sure why they don’t (probably some weak attempt to cut down on piracy) but the solution is pretty simple.

Of all the computers that Future Shop sells (HP, Acer, Gateway,etc..) each and every one of them have a “copy” of Vista on a second partition of the hard drive. A partition is a division of a hard drive, one partition will be your normal installation of Vista, all of your programs and files and other (much smaller) partition will have a “backup” copy of the OS (Vista in this case.)

This insures that you have a way to fix your computer if anything goes wrong. Basically it does the same thing as an OS disc used to.

Now you can create a recovery disc, which is basically copying files from the backup partition and burning them. Later on if anything happens you can reinstall Vista using those recovery discs. Creating recovering discs is largely painless. If you need any help ask away!

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