How to Update Norton AntiVirus

My computer came with Norton Antivirus and it recently expired so I purchased a new subscription from the Symantic website. I updates Norton but it keeps bugging me every few days saying that my Norton is not updated but it is.

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Basically when you buy an antivirus your buying a license and permission to download files from Norton. You have to download these files every few days for the simple fact that they are updated every few days. The reason behind this is because these files contain the instructions for the removal of any viruses that should infect your computer.

Since new viruses pop up all the time, the instructions must be continually updated to detect these viruses. Now what Norton is doing is checking the Norton website for any new instructions, if it finds them then it either downloads them automatically or prompts you to download them. (Depending on how your Norton program is set up.)

Here’s what to do to insure that your copy of Norton is up to date:

  1. Find Norton. There will be a Norton Icon somewhere around your System Tray (where your clock is). It should look like something like this:
  2. norton1.jpg

    Or like this:


  3. Click on one of these icons. A screen will pop up (they’ll vary depending on what version your using) but somewhere on there you should be able to see the words: Run LiveUpdate.
  4. When you click this a window with a list of Norton components will appear.
  5. Click Start.

And your done! Norton should do this automatically but just in case check once a week. And viola that pesky message is gone!
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