Can I reuse my ISP setup disc?

Question: Most ISP’s in the UK provide a setup CD that you use to connect your PC to the internet, if you bought a new PC (or in my case a Macbook Pro) are the settings the same?

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The setup CD most ISPs give you is often filled with software that you may or may not end up using. Sometimes they bundle in an antivirus, and some connection-fixing software. If you know what your doing on a computer there is often no need for that disc.

That being said theres absolutely no problem using that same disc on a new computer. As long as your still using the same original connection then the same settings will often work (V1 numbers and such.) The only caveat you may end up with is compatibility. If the disc your ISP gave you isn’t OSX compatible then you can’t run it on a Mac. You’ll need to ask for OSX compatible software. (However if you use Parallels it will work in that.)

Many ISP’s have something called a “hot” connection. Which means that all you have to do is plug in your MacBook into the modem you recieved and you should be good to go; you don’t have to bother with any discs. (Not all ISPs are hot though.)

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